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8 ways to expand space in the interior of the kitchen

Any hostess looks at the overall size of the kitchen when buying an apartment. Unfortunately, not all layouts suggest a kitchen space with an area of ​​more than 12-15 square meters. m. In such a situation, the issue of its correct organization arises with an edge, and there are three main parameters that are worth paying special attention to the development of the interior of the kitchen – lighting, the location of the equipment, the arrangement of furniture. The most important thing is not to harm the functionality that is convenient for you, to please other characteristics. We will give you some tips that will help save the area of ​​the kitchen and expand its space.

The first is light shades of walls, floor and ceiling. The advice is banal, but it acts without fail. For a variety, you can place accents in the form of dark, or bright sections of walls, facades of the headset, furniture.

The second is the presence of a large amount of light, both natural and artificial. Use transparent curtains that will pass a large amount of sunlight, as well as spotlights, chandeliers and other light sources. When ordering the interior of the kitchen, the designer, the arrangement of these lamps will be sure to be displayed in the project.

Third – try to combine the adjacent space to the kitchen, for example, with the hall, while receiving a living room room. At the same time, the spaces of both rooms should be combined with each other, having something in common-the flavor of the walls, the general material of the floor, the ceiling.

Fourth – you should not use a large number of patterns, drawings in the interior of the kitchen, this does not allow focus on the interior as a whole, preventing you from leaving the overall impression of design. For example, it is not recommended to make a kitchen apron in a small cell, wallpaper with a pattern, laminate or tiles with rippled decor. From such solutions, the head can go around.

The fifth is a headset, albeit an accent in the interior of the kitchen, it is better to perform in warm, light shades. So he will not look bulky and heavy. Try to use “transparent” furniture, for example, a dining table, cabinets, shelves, etc. D. And remember – rounded furniture takes up less space than the angles.

Sixth – in the interior of the kitchen there should be objects stretching to the ceiling. A high refrigerator, a cabinet with dishes will visually increase the height of the room, and attract the eyes of guests and owners.

Seventh – hang pictures or photographs on the walls over each other, and not nearby. Such a trick helps to make the wall visually higher, and, in general, the standard placement of paintings will not surprise anyone.

Eighth – pay attention to interior details! Hang a mirror, remove the doors, or make them folding or glass, do not put massive indoor plants, put the most functional, but compact kitchen set.

All these points will help you make the kitchen space a little more, without resorting to large financial investments.

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