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How to paint a wooden staircase

Construction and installation of a stairs is an expensive matter, requiring special skills and skills, knowledge about wood properties, room design. But there are not always enough funds to pay for the services of builders. You can save significantly by making the coating of the stairs yourself. But here you need to keep in mind that painting the stairs is very different from painting the fence. Accuracy is required here, the selection of proper coating and tools.

A special paint, stain or varnish is suitable for covering the stairs. If we are talking about repainting a wooden staircase to the second floor that has been used for a long time, it is necessary to first remove the existing layer of varnish. This is a difficult matter. To remove the upper layer, you can use a special liquid to relieve paint or varnish.

The second step is to clutch the surface of a wooden staircase with sandpaper. Clean until the old layer of paint and any roughness completely disappeared. The surface of the steps should be perfectly smooth. After completing the work, thoroughly sprinkle the stairs and wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the entire.

When choosing a coating, give preference to matte paints on alkyd or alkyd-uretan-based, as well as varnishes with a low gloss content. Do not buy glossy coatings, because they are very difficult to apply evenly yourself, and the steps will be slippery.

So that your new coating lasts long, first you need to cover the stairs with a primer. Choose a primer for wood, brushes or rollers in a household and thoroughly process all the details of the stairs.

Start with the upper step and move down. If it is impossible to temporarily stop using the stairs, process the steps through one, stages. Let the primer dry in accordance with the instructions for use. Make sure that it has dry and proceed to the next step – directly painting.

Apply the first layer of stain, paint or varnish, depending on what you decided to cover the stairs. Let dry in accordance with the recommendations on the packaging. Next, if you use paint, paint a second time. Experts advise applying at least three layers of coating, first dried each layer and cleaning the possible irregularities of the surface.

For high -quality coating of the stairs, it is necessary to process all the parts in a disassembled form. But, if the stairs are already installed, make sure to smear all the corners and joints with a brush. Choose only high -quality materials of well -known manufacturers, follow recommendations for the drying time of layers, work carefully.

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