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The insulation of the balcony

To insulate the balcony means to make it so that not a single draft does not burst into the room. This is with you and take care of you.

If the parapet of your balcony is laid out with brick, it must first be plastered. No matter what good brick masonry is, there are still micro cracks through which the drafts that do not need us will blow out. Purchant bricks, you can install windows. Make sure that the masters installed windows are well displeased for all seams. The seam should be filled with foam for two thirds, excess foam, then cut. Pay attention to the installation of the windowsill. The lower seam must first be blown with mounting foam and only after drying it to install the windowsill.

Want to insulate the balcony, pay attention to the insulation of the floor. If you pour the cement screed of the floor, first lay the foam, if the tree can be replaced with mineral wool. Control that there would be no blowing. If it still shows somewhere, eliminate the defect with foam or plaster.

Warming walls means to insulate the balcony.

They can be insulated with both polystyrene and mineral wool. When warming with polystyrene, I also recommend that all the seams between the foam slabs be blown with foam. The foam is fixed on the wall using “fungi” or glued to Cerazite cm11. After that, we pull on the top of the foam plaster mesh and plastering ceresitis. The layer of plaster should not be less than 3 mm, since the smaller layer will be pierced even with a finger. After drying the plaster, we put the walls. Wall painting or wallpapering the next stage of wall decoration.

Insulation of the walls of the balcony with mineral wool assumes simultaneous wall sheathing with plastic or drywall. To do this, first we dial the frame for wall lining. The frame is a structure of metal profiles. We scored a frame? Now we fill the cavity between the wall and the frame with mineral wool. It is not necessary to press cotton wool, it is better to save its factory thickness. After that, you can sheathe the frame with gypsum or plastic, or what else do you come up with there. From the walls we go smoothly to the ceiling. We collect the frame, install the windberry and fill the space between the ceilings of mineral wool, after which we also sheathe plastic or gypsum.

To be laconic, then to insulate the balcony or loggia, you need to make it airtight.   Wake up to adhere to this rule, get a warm and cozy balcony. Yes, I forgot to tell you more about heating. It can be carried out from the riser in the room, but you need to do this before the wall insulation. For this, the operation “replacement of risers” should be carried out with some remake of them. And don’t forget to insulate the pipes to reduce heat loss!

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