How to stick wallpaper on the ceiling?

Even a small cosmetic repair includes the replacement of wallpaper on the ceiling and walls or wall painting. If almost everyone can paste wallpaper on the walls, even if a professional can do as much as it can do, then everything is much more complicated with the ceiling.

By making the ceiling repair, many do not know which material is better to choose, so they prefer wallpaper, which can easily hide many disadvantages. But the process of stickering ceiling wallpaper is more complex, because you have to work with a denser material at a height. The more difficult it is to stick the ceiling, nevertheless, we will try to help you with this with our advice.

So, before gluing the wallpaper on the ceiling needs to be prepared, completely disrupted the old wallpaper or other materials, remove all weaknesses, if there are significant pits, cracks and differences, they must be sealed with plaster and putty. You can do this with a conventional spatula and water. After the ceiling is fully prepared, you can go to the store and choose wallpaper. The assortment of ceiling wallpaper is very large, so it is sometimes difficult to decide, if you are going to paint ceiling wallpaper, it is better to dwell on non -woven models for painting.

Having chosen wallpaper for the ceiling, it is important to decide to do the job yourself or hire specialists? Now the cost of pasting wallpaper is not even small, so most choose independent pasting. This will save and do work qualitatively despite the lack of professional skills and experience.

It is especially important to choose a good glue on which the wallpaper will hold. If it is bad, then over time, at the corners and joints of the canvas, they will begin to peel off, spoiling the overall picture. It will also be necessary to buy a special roller, pallet, plastic bucket for applying glue to the surface of the ceiling and canvas.

Having cut off the wallpaper canvases along the desired length, apply glue to wait a few minutes. For better gluingness, it is necessary to coordinate the wallpaper in half. It is better to start pasting from the windows, this will make the joints between the canvases almost invisible. For greater convenience, you can use a smoothing roller with a long handle. It is necessary to work together or even three, so that it is more convenient. One applies the canvas at one end, the other in the other, and the third adjusts and smoothes it. With adhesives of non -woven wallpaper, all the glue is applied to the ceiling, and the canvas rolled into the roll is gradually rolled out with a roller with a roller. Do it quickly and simply in comparison with ordinary.

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