Investments in the state

Environmental research in construction

What needs to be done before starting construction?

At the initial stage, that is, the design of the construction facility (roads, bridges, power lines, industrial or civil buildings), it is necessary to conduct engineering and environmental research. This design stage is regulated by legislatively and is necessary to prevent or minimize environmental losses.

The following actions are carried out during these studies:

A detailed study of natural conditions for construction, the study of its social and economic significance.

Assessment of the environmental condition of the object, as well as its individual elements.

Studying the stability of the natural environment to technical influences, a forecast of possible consequences of construction.

Calculation of damage.

Description of recommendations to prevent negative consequences at the environmental level.

Conducting environmental monitoring on compliance of construction conditions at the stage of design work.

In order to carry out all these works, special organizations are needed that explore the air, soil, underground waters, ponds, radiation, vibration, magnetic fields, noise. If after the work carried out the inconsistency of the norms is found, for example, radiation exceeds the permissible norm or the content of harmful substances in the air is unacceptable and adversely affects a person, then certain measures are taken to eliminate these pollution.

Engineering and ecological surveys at the legislative level are regulated by two provisions No. 11-02-96 and No. 11-102-97. The purpose of these work is the justification of construction from an environmental point of view.

Based on the results obtained, design documentation is drawn up, which consists of sections of the environmental protection and evaluating environmental impacts.

Engineering and ecological surveys are carried out in several stages, which are practical and documentary. At the practical stage, the technical specifications between the customer and the developer are coordinated. At the next stage – practical, work is underway related to the receipt of samples, trials, measurements. At the third stage, the obtained samples are transferred to the laboratory, where they are examined on special equipment. After all these stages, specialists combine all the data, systematize and draw up a general report of engineering and technical research. Already on the basis of this document, the final formation of documents for the design and maintenance of construction takes place.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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