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A competent linoleum flooring

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You can perform a linoleum flooring using special mastics or nails. It is believed that the first way is the most acceptable and beautiful. However, the second is better suited if it is necessary to lay on the surface not one piece, but two, since in the places of the docking they are fixed using small nails, and in another case, the material can be strongly lifted up.

Thanks to a dry flooring, you can reliably fix the linoleum very firmly and reliably, so it will not be able to move due to friction. However, it is not recommended in any case to drag something very difficult on it, since it can break from this. The main advantage of this method is that after damage to linoleum or the desire to lay a new material, you will not need to make a lot of effort to tear it off the surface. For gluing linoleum, all kinds of adhesives are used, however, the choice of a particular solution depends only on which surface it is planned to be laid. Before gluing, you need to put a small load on the edges of the material so that in the process there is no displacement of the canvas. The glue is applied directly to the floor surface, after which the bent part of the linoleum is lowered on it.

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