A complex of a blast furnace

In 1974. In the first stage of the facilities of the complex of the domain furnace, construction and installation work in the volume of according to: Earthly – 7.7 million remained unfulfilled. M3, or 42.8%, monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete – 117.6 thousand. M3, or 37.3%, prefabricated reinforced concrete – 0 thousand. M3, or 39%, steel structures – 67.64 thousand. T, or 80%, technological equipment 26 thousand. T, or 93%, refractory -100%, plumbing – 74.5%, electrical – 88.4%, railway tracks – 77.8%, in total in the amount of 89.3 million. rub., or 63.7%, including 59.6 million subcontracting and special organizations. rub., or 83%.

SN 440-72 Based on the analysis of the experience of the construction of many domain furnaces, for a complex of a domain furnace with a volume of 3240 m, the total duration of construction with the preparatory period is 22 months, the development of the last year- 50% of the volume of construction and installation work and the transfer of equipment for installation from 8- th for the 18th month, therefore, the complete issuance of equipment in the installation of a domain furnace with a volume of 5037 m3 should also be completed throughout the complex four months before launch, no later than August 1974. In order to ensure the commissioning of a unique blast furnace within the prescribed time, it was necessary to carry out, especially in the fourth quarter, greater organizational and technical work.

Noise insulation and sound insulation in the house is very important. After all, this is what guarantees comfort in the house and protection from the outside world. All isolation. Thermal insulation and waterproofing of the house.

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