A little about aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels are the so -called “sandwich”, which consists of two aluminum plates and a laminated layer made of minerals or plastic. They are used when facing facades of structures. These materials are characterized by:

Long service life. He can reach half a century. In this case, the panels are able to withstand temperatures from – 50 to + 80 degrees;

Lightness and rigidity. Weight 1kv. m of such material is in the range of 3-8 kg. It depends on the thickness of the material. A distinctive feature of such panels is an ideal ratio of weight and stiffness. Due to this, they are used for cladding of high -rise buildings. Aluminum composite panels can be purchased from a specialized company;

Fire resistance. These panels are divided into those that do not burn at all, and difficult to flammable. To comply with international fire safety standards in the panel, special components are added;

Sound absorption and vibration isolation. This is achieved through the use of composite materials.

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