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Advantages and features of the use of paving slabs and paving stones

Roads are an important part of landscape design. Today there are high -quality materials that allow you to make the canvas not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive. These include paving stones and paving slabs. With their appearance, the need to select stones of different sizes has disappeared to lay out a bizarre or classic pattern and give the territory an enjoyable look. Such elements have standard sizes, so working with them does not take much time.

Paving stones and paving slabs are durable and durable. Even if one element has lost its properties over time, it can be easily replaced. It is necessary to take into account the fact that today manufacturers offer these materials in different colors with the possibility of combining shades.

What is the difference between paving slabs and paving stones?

Many people believe that these two material are very similar to each other. Despite the fact that they are often made from the same composition, their thickness is different. So, for example, the laying of the paving stones will be relevant if it is necessary to equip the territory with large loads. Such elements can have a thickness of even more than 10 cm, so they are more durable. With proper installation, the material can last more than 30 years, and its frost resistance is 200 cycles. At the same time, the cost of the paving stones is quite high.

Paving slabs is made of concrete mixture by vibroilia or vibration pressing. Thanks to this, the elements are so dense that they have no pores. This provides a low level of water absorption and high frost resistance. The material does not allow puddles to form, since the water goes into small gaps. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods, the price of laying paving slabs remains affordable.

How to choose the right paving stones and paving slabs?

As already noted, when choosing, it is worth considering the estimated load on the material. For example, for the design of yard paths, elements of standard width are suitable. For the arrangement of bridges, parking lots, it is worth giving preference to materials with a thickness of more than 10 cm.

If work must be performed in a short time, then preference choose elements of the correct geometric shape. Remember that a cast paving stones may have discrepancies in the thickness of the products. This complicates the work on its installation. It will not be possible to quickly cope with paving slabs, which has a patterned edge.

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