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Advantages of construction from SIP panels

Frame structures (wooden) are widely used in our country, as it is unusually warm (in winter), more environmentally friendly and durable buildings. The unique features of energy conservation are due to the fact that most of the structural elements of the shell of the building (walls, floors, roofs) already have good isolation.

SIP technology makes it possible to build a modern, spacious building relatively cheaply and quickly, which will also be stylish and energy -efficient. This article is devoted to this technology, and, in particular, its use for the construction of individual residential buildings. Frame buildings from prefabricated structures are about 4 times stronger than wooden buildings. Characteristic for this construction is that only two main building materials are used here: flat monolithic slabs of chips (OSB) and polystyrene foam (EPS).

Such materials have low weight, which reduces the number of workers and reduces prices. If you want to make an estimate of expenses, but do not have the necessary knowledge, they will help you on

OSB – plates is a flat rectangular “sandwich” with a length of 180 cm and a thickness of 0, 6 mm. These “sandwiches” consist of three layers, and glue under the press at high temperature and pressure using polymer adhesives and wood resins that do not contain harmful substances (for example, phenol -formaldehydes). A very important factor in choosing an OSB board for the production of SIP panel is a minimum amount of glue. Because these boards are under the press for one month, and the glue in the end is finally polymerized.

The advantage of SIP materials:

are not subject to decay;

not subject to rot;

do not contain flying agents.

Advantages of buildings from SIP panels:

the possibility of work in any season of the year;

very simple installation during construction;

high isolation, small width of the walls;

Highness and durability;

the possibilities of complex architecture at low cost;

easy manufacture of various jewelry;

OSB walls are completely smooth.

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