African style interior design

African style is considered one of the most exotic directions these days in modern interior design. He literally attracts those around with his originality and mystery, dynamism and unusual, literally filling the space of the room with energy.

African style in the interior of an apartment or a country house is an ideal solution for enthusiastic natures who are interested in all unusual and collecting objects, one way or another associated with hot and exotic African countries.

The main features of this style are minimalism, simplicity of forms, identity, primitive decor, coloring, expressiveness and active use of contrasts.

Starting the design of the premises in the use of this style, first of all, you should think about the color scheme used. Since many African continent are associated with deserts and bright plants, yellow, orange and red color will prevail here. To give them some contrast, you can resort to the use of blue and turquoise shades. Black is practically not used, finding use only in decorative objects.

In the African style, wooden furniture of simple shapes prevails, which, if desired, can be decorated with carvings or painting. In second place in popularity is wicker and forged furniture. The main rule of decoration of premises in this style is to correctly choose the color and texture.

Wallpaper will be harmonious on the walls, the surface and pattern of which imitate the skin of reptiles or the color of wild animals. Also relevant is wall painting in warm light shades. The decoration of walls often use borders with cave paintings or African ornaments depicted on them.

A great solution for the interior in the African style is an artificially aged decorative plaster. The ceilings can be painted white or finished with bamboo stems, giving the room the look of the African hut. As a floor covering, you can use a dark tree or porcelain stoneware. From above they will not be superfluous to lay a simple handmade rug. The textiles used in this style of the interior should be saturated and bright tones. Fabrics can skillfully imitate the color of zebra, giraffe, leopard and other memorable inhabitants of the Southern continent.

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