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All faces of porcelain tiles

In an effort to create and apply reliable and durable materials, while optimizing the costs of their production as much as possible, porcelain tiles were created – alternative material to natural stone, which turned out to be even better than its “predecessor” in a number of indicators. Initially, it was produced in a rather boring color scheme, which was compensated by a cheap price and good operational indicators. But time has passed, and today porcelain stoneware is a material that can replace natural stone and ceramic tiles in everything and everywhere due to its decorative diversity. Let’s analyze the main advantages of this wonderful finishing material.

Good wear resistance. This indicator is rations of the technology of its production. The fact is that the material is burned at a temperature of about 1400 degrees, as a result of which all molecular bonds and crystalline lattices are radically changed, and all properties of the source material are completely rebuilt. The glaze of the decorative layer of porcelain tile is also fired at high degrees. For comparison, ceramic tiles are burned at a temperature of about 300 degrees, and its glaze is about 150 degrees, represent the difference?

The possibility of figure cutting of the material. It would seem that the material is very durable, but the possibility of creating interesting mosaics and compositions definitely give it an additional advantage over competitors. Previously, such a process was considered extremely expensive and was performed manually, now they use special technologies that make the whole process simple, mechanized and, as a result, at times more economical.

A variety of textures. Crama borderline is no longer boring material. Modern production has reached a new high -quality level – now it is possible to create a wide line of textures that mimic natural materials – marble, granite and even leather and wood. And there are obvious advantages – the “stone” tree is impossible to spoil with moisture, which can not be said about the source. The manufacturers do not stop there – in line an imitation of a parquet board and other decorative coatings.

Therefore, porcelain stoneware is almost the perfect material for flooring of any type of room. Perhaps the time is coming when it becomes an absolute monopolist of the market.

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