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Another type of flooring is laminated plywood

At the moment, there are many types of flooring. One of them is laminated plywood.

This type of floor consists of a plywood layer of FSF (increased moisture resistance) and the upper decorative layer, which also makes a protective role. The decorative layer is made of phenolic resins and paper. And the plywood layer has increased strength, which allows it to be used in aggressive environments, where increased wear resistance is needed.

When carrying out repairs or construction and final work, it is necessary to accurately analyze the situation in the room in which it is planned to establish such a coating. At the same time, establish all aggressive factors that can be there. And on the basis of certain factors, make a decision on suitability or not suitability of the use of this material in this room. Ceramic tiles for the floor, of course, is more familiar in this regard, but not so original.

Due to its unique characteristics, such material is used not only as a flooring, but also as an element of buildings frame, in furniture structures. Due to the advantages, this type of material, like laminated plywood, will only expand the scope of application in the future. And the relevance of its use will only increase.

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