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Artificial marble, its advantages and disadvantages

From time immemorial, at all times, no other stone, or building material cannot be compared with strength, beauty, and of course the elegance of marble. Unfortunately, natural marble is not cheap and if there is a need to use a marble surface in the interior and you do not want to overpay, then artificial marble will be just right.


It looks like a real one, but its cost is much cheaper, and is made of polymers with the addition of dyes. But in order to understand whether artificial marble is suitable for your purposes, you need to understand its pluses and naturally minuses. So the main advantage is of course the cost. After all, natural marble is far from every pocket, and the artificial has the same qualities, but at a much lower price. And thanks to this, you can increase its use in various parts of the room.

As for natural marble, you will need to think about which part to open it natural and which part are cheaper building materials. A huge plus is also the ability to create products of various shapes, for example, the same countertops made of artificial stone, bath, sink and so on. Natural marble, of course, can also be processed, but the variety is limited and ends on ordinary squares, rectangles and ovals.

All products are made quickly, because the speed of processing of artificial material is much higher than natural materials.


Now we’ll probably talk about the shortcomings of such marble. To give shine to artificial marble, as in natural, on its surface is opened with a special gel. This gel has a reflective effect and the most important thing has the property of excellent sealant. Naturally, the gel coating is cracking over time, which leads to bleaching and of course the destruction of marble.

For example, from the heat from curling for curling hair, or candle fire, for a certain time, it will be quite enough to damage this coating. But ordinary hot water from the tap will not be able to do absolutely no harm.

But finally, whatever one may say, but still any imitation can be compared with the original and this applies to artificial marble, because no matter how strong the similarity, but it will not be 100% similar to natural marble. In appearance and to the touch, artificial marble is similar to plastic, and the gel coating is somewhat reminiscent of polyurethane. But light weight plays a significant role when working with it. When you make large countertops from it, it will be important.

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