Artificial zoo

In the design of interiors, the popularity of artificial taxishedral products increases more and more. Moreover, even the most ardent defenders of nature understand that when creating stuffed animals, not a single animal was injured, and it is very appropriate to diversify the interior with the help of such a technique. Now we can see figures of animals and birds in the design of bars, boutiques, offices, houses and apartments.

Artificial trophies are a wonderful alternative for paintings, if they bored you. Even for the nursery, you can choose an artificial product that will delight the child, decorate the atmosphere.

Holders from ANDREAS Scheiger, designer from Austria, are made of bicycle saddles and brake pens fixed to a circle of wood, for the processing of which special compounds are used to protect wood.

Alexander Taylor created deer horns of steel wire, which are used as a hanger.

Shawn Smit creates its trophies from plywood, on the verge of reality and the digital world, science and technology.

Jennifer Khoshbin used acrylic paints as a decor material, creating an exhibit of “deer head”. The heads of her trophies are covered with small fish, birds, flowers and butterflies.

“Domestic trophies” from Rachel Denny has been pleasing to us, traveling for more than 10 years for galleries around the world. White Faux Taxidermy decorated the walls of thousands of houses and hotels around the world. Until now, every elk, wolf, elephant, lion, tiger, bear, bison and dinosaur are made by masters exclusively manually.

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