At home from a bar – planning

Many of us are interested in – where to start building a house from a bar? How to plan everything so that nothing is missed by you? There is no doubt that if you plan to build a huge building with a library, two bathrooms and three canteens, then it makes sense to immediately contact experts. But if you need to plan a small timber house, then you can handle it yourself. When the main planning ideas are designed, contact professionals. If you come to them with a ready plan, this will save time and money.

Where to start? First, decide – from which material you plan to build a house. Today all over the world, building individual housing, people choose bar houses. Why? For the reason that the houses from the beam are most comfortable, convenient, safe, and look beautiful. Modern technologies allow you to build wooden houses made of glued timber and profiled timber. Both of these varieties have excellent characteristics, are not deformed even with large loads. The houses from the beam are durable, environmentally friendly, durable, reliable, heat, and are being built quickly.

After you have chosen the beam and its variety, you need to take the next step – in all garden partnerships and organized villages there is a line of development on which you should place a house from the timber (the so -called “red line”). The chairman of the garden partnership should be found out about its location. As a rule, from the facade to the front boundary of the site there should be approximately five meters, as well as three meters between the side sides and walls. A similar department is necessary to ensure fire safety.

Before starting construction, you should choose a suitable plot of land, since planning a house and a plot are interconnected. Today it is not so difficult to choose a good site for building a house from a bar. However, if the plots in garden societies are not suitable for you, you can pick up the ground near the forest, where there are no buildings. In this case, it is extremely important to plan correctly, which will be seen from the windows of the house from the beam. On the one hand, the house should not shade the site, on the other, the windows should be set so that the house is not cold. Think about the location of the rooms on the floors and in general about the size of the structure.

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