Automatic watering systems

Like us people, plants have needs. For existence and normal growth, they need not only their own territory, but also light, air, a certain temperature and water. Without water “not tudus and not soda”.   If the light and air on our planet is in abundance, then moisture is not always enough for the normal life of the plant. Therefore, one of the main tasks of people involved in the personal economy is the watering of plants.

In small areas, with a small number of plants, watering is not of any problems. And if it is necessary to pour 10 acres of the territory – here the hose is not particularly indulged. It is also necessary to take into account the type of plants, the stage of their growth, time of the year, soil. The task is not easy, in such a situation you involuntarily begin to think about automatic watering systems.

Automatic watering systems are a very convenient plant care method. This method is able to provide high -quality watering of plants, which cannot be achieved by manual watering.   These systems work autonomously, with minimal human intervention.  Having installed and once set up a plant watering system, you can practically not worry about it. She will do the rest of the work herself.

Auto -polyiva is controlled using the controller.   With its help, watering of plants is regulated – the amount of water consumption for one watering, time, and its duration are set. The full plant watering system is equipped with meteorological sensors, they react to the weather, for example, watering will not be carried out in the rain. The system also saves water costs and energy.

At the right time and in the required amount of the caroli system, water will deliver water to your favorite plants. Your garden will be in excellent condition, and few can guess that all this is thanks to the system of artificial irrigation. Irrigation heads are hidden in the ground and come to the surface only during watering. Pipes are buried to a depth of 50-80 centimeters, and this will not only not spoil your summer cottage, but will not let the pipes freeze in winter. The watering heads can be different, they are selected depending on their purpose. For example, small sprayers are perfect for flower beds, and the rotary and impulse heads are able to ensure watering not only lawns, but also for sports fields. For drip irrigation, the final device is a dropper, it provides simply moisturizing the soil.

Auto -watering systems are controlled by programmable controllers. At the command of the controller, electromagnetic valves, in turn turn on and disable watering in a particular sector of your site. Valves are placed in soil, in special protective boxes. The system, automatic watering of plants, also has a pumping station, and in special cases, a funded reservoir, in the role of which a pond or lake can act.

Independent installation and configuration of such systems is practically not possible. Therefore, it is best to provide this problem to professionals.

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