Bamboo wallpaper gluing on the wall

Bamboo wallpapers look stylish and decorate any interior. Compared to their paper and non -woven analogues, they are much stronger, harder and thicker, so it is more difficult to stick them on the wall.

However, having issued a room with them only once, you may forget about repairs for a long time, because bamboo wallpapers are easy to care for and durable.

Useful tips:

Glue bamboo wallpapers only on peeled and plastered surface. You can not glue them on old wallpaper or exfoliated paint.

Before starting repairing the wallpaper rolls, it is necessary to leave for a couple of days in the room where they will be pasted. This is necessary so that the material is adapted to humidity in this room.

Unlike paper wallpaper, they cannot be peeled off from the wall in the first 1-2 minutes after gluing, so errors cannot be made immediately. If you have glued the canvas incorrectly, then it is no longer possible to remove and rewind it in a different way.

Glue must be applied over the entire wrong surface of the canvas. Since glue for bamboo wallpaper is very thick, it is convenient to apply it with a wide spatula. The glue should be evenly distributed over the wallpaper, otherwise after gluing them on the walls will be bubble.

It is very difficult to cut bamboo wallpaper on canvases, ordinary scissors will not work for this. It is best to use special scissors for cutting, or a very sharp knife. An electric jigsaw or grinder for cutting bamboo wallpaper cannot be used, since they spoil the canvases.

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