Bathroom ventilation

Ventilation is required for every room, regardless of its purpose. The mandatory presence of an exhaust system is especially important for plumbing rooms. Small area in old buildings, spacious bathrooms of modern houses equally need to create the right atmospheric environment.

It is possible to avoid the appearance of fungus and mold, observing air circulation without condensation. The ventilation system in the bathroom should be thought out before the direct repair of the room.

The philistine opinion about the insoluble of the air problem in the bathroom is often based on error. Without rebuilding the ventilation shafts, setting a forced exhaust fan, the bathroom is deprived of increased humidity, air pollution.

Forced fans are presented in the household appliance market with the following samples:

1. Combined with the switch. The fan operation in the bathroom or toilet is automatically launched when light is turned on. The repaid light instantly leads to a fan disconnect. A small minus of the system – in a short period of time of the burning lamp, the fan does not have time to perform exhaust work.

2. Equipped with a timer. The principle of operation duplicates the above, adding the working time specified by the timer. Turning off the light, the fan continues to operate the next 5-10 minutes, which provides proper ventilation in the bathroom.

3. Independent fans. The switch is installed separately, the ventilation system is launched independently along a given hourly regime, independent of other devices. A special mode allows ventilation in the absence of the owner of the house, launch work through the set intervals.

Also in stores you can find modernized fan models equipped with additional devices. So, a fan with a hygrostat helps to control the humidity. Hygrostat indicators, indicating the excess of the necessary moisture level for the bathroom, simultaneously force the fan itself to join the operation. This type of ventilation in the bathroom will not only saturate the room with fresh air, but will also be able to maintain a kind of microclimate in it.

Not to allow the occurrence of the fungus in the premises of plumbing, mold is not difficult when using an advanced ventilation system in the bathroom. It is only necessary to provide the room with a forced ventilation system that can perform several functions. Created to achieve precisely these goals, the installation in good faith will cope with unpleasant manifestations of high humidity, and retain the favorable atmosphere of the bathroom space.

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