Bedroom design

A person spends almost the third part of his life in the bedroom, so it is so important to arrange it correctly and harmoniously.

The bedroom is intended for a person’s passive activity and its interior should be relaxing and calm, which will contribute to a healthy and proper sleep, so we will try to build the image of a real bedroom according to Feng. This direction of the decor of the room takes into account various elements of the interior and design, allows you to endow the bedroom with comfort and mental balance, which is not superfluous.

If possible, it is preferable to choose the farthest room from the front door for the bedroom. And the door of the bedroom itself should not be a straight line with the entrance to the house so as not to violate the sense of safety that is ensured by the intra -apartment arrangement of this room.

Since only a calm start should prevail in the bedroom, it must be arranged in soft peaceful tones. And it is advisable to make lighting muffled, it will help create an intimate and relaxing environment. Local lighting is well suited for the bedroom, for example, lamps on bedside tables near the bed or floor floor lamps.

Of great importance in the teachings of Feng Shui is given the location of the bed. In the bedroom, it should be set so that the person lying on it can see the door, but at the same time her wear should not be directed to the entrance. It is also impossible to place the bed so that it is reflected in the mirror, and any large sharp corner should not be directed at it, including the angle of the wall. If you avoid the influence of any harmful factor, then you need to apply a screen or curtains that neutralize this negative effect. And one more thing: a married couple is undesirable to sleep on two shifted beds or two separate mattresses, as this weakens feelings, violates sexual harmony and disconnects loving people.

Try not to clutter up the bedroom with furniture, and its corners should be at least a little rounded, but not sharp.

The use of mirrors in the bedroom is undesirable. But if you really need a mirror, then you should not have it at the hard -hearted bed. This can complicate the relationship of the spouses. And the mirror hanged opposite the door will send back the entire positive energy that went to the bedroom. In addition, the mirror is a guide for the other world, and the person in a dream is most vulnerable, so if there is a mirror in the bedroom at night, it is better to cover it with a cloth.

It is also undesirable to keep photos of people in the bedroom, because you will be pursued by the feeling that your personal life is being watched. According to the principles of Feng Shuya, you cannot breed flowers in the bedroom, since their energy can intervene in your personal life with a partner. In addition, some flowers absorb oxygen at night. And yet, you need to remove everything that is a symbol of high water, for example, aquarium, paintings with seas, lakes or rivers from the bedrooms. The presence of such objects can lead to sleepless nights and misunderstanding. Therefore, follow the items that are in your bedroom on Feng Shui.

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