In recent years, it has become fashionable to install fireplaces in houses, and it can be both natural and false structures. Every year, the demand for them is growing, respectively, manufacturers have to improve models to ensure the highest comfort in the house. The novelty of this area is biomons that are equipped with original work technology. The main element for heating is ethanol, which is directly related to power supply. These designs have a lot of advantages over conventional, standard models.

1. There is no smoke and smell when burning, although you have absolutely real flame. This is due to the fact that the products of the combustion of ethanol emit only steam and gas, they are completely harmless and safe for humans and the environment.

2. The fireplaces do not accumulate either soot, dust, or soot, which means that the chimney in such a configuration is completely unnecessary.

3. Manufacturers designed a reliable and practical ventilation system, which is constantly working for cooling the device. There can not be overheating, which means that the risk of fire is reduced to zero.

4. Biocemies are equipped with a convenient control system, you can always adjust the convenient temperature regime for you, as well as the height of the flame. A control panel is attached to the device, you will not even have to get up to adjust all the functions.

5. A rich selection of shapes, colors and materials will allow you to choose the model that will perfectly fit into your interior.

6. Biocemies are compact, without a chimney, they can be located anywhere in your house, as well as mix from the room to the room. The installation of such designs can be different: it can be mounted in a wall or inaccessible places, or can simply be put in the middle of the room. Choose models depending on the conditions of your home.

7. All models have the necessary quality certificates, and generally accepted GOSTs have passed.

8. Prices range within different limits, it all depends on the model, the materials from which they are made and the number of functions programmed by manufacturers. Buy biocons that will last you for many years, warming you at any time of the year.

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