Brick cottages

Construction of country houses in Russia enters a new level! There is no longer such a city resident who would not want to leave this bustle and get a house in nature. Of course, not everyone has similar opportunities, but there are masses of options for acquiring their own home. Moreover, now the same mortgage has become very accessible, which, incidentally, can be taken for the construction of the house.

Naturally, when buying a house, I want everything here to be “under you”. Therefore, people are now more ordering construction, and do not buy ready -made houses.

Now many technologies for the construction of houses are operating in the construction market. However, most of Russian citizens do not want to delve into them and still continue to order the construction of brick houses and wood houses.

Of course, wooden houses are a trend, but brick analogues do not give up positions. The method is proven, allows you to build very high -quality housing in a relatively short time. Stone houses have always been and will be very durable, solid and high -quality. Unlike wooden buildings, they practically do not respond to weather conditions, and also do not destroy under their action.

Advantages and disadvantages of brick

Brick is the most popular building material in our country for many decades. And all because a house or a brick cottage has the following advantages:

High strength structure

Great fire safety – the brick has the highest indicator of resistance to fire

Durability – a brick house will stand for more than one hundred years, without requiring practically no external repairs

Cottages made of brick perfectly opposes the external influences of nature, does not destroy under their action

A stone house can easily become a family estate and serve faithfully for more than one generation

Like any other material, brick has its own disadvantages. We list the shortcomings of the brick cottage.

Brick cottages are being built for a very long time.

Brick – durable material that weighs a lot. Therefore, during the construction of a brick cottage, the most solid foundation is required, requiring solid cash costs

The brick has high thermal conductivity, so the brick cottage should have thick walls. And this, as you know, seriously affects the increase in the cost of building such housing.

One way or another, but brick cottages were bought and will always be purchased. People who want a solid cottage made of stone will never be transferred to themselves!

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