Brick: Features of choice.

No construction can do without brick at present. And all due to the fact that he has a lot of advantages:

• perfectly tolerates temperature fluctuations;

• material is not affected by mold and fungus;

• With its help, you can build structures of non -standard shapes, decorate the garden plot.

Brick has some disadvantages. The main one can be considered that the material has a fairly high thermal conductivity. In addition, the brick absorbs moisture quite strongly, so after several decades of the structure it will be necessary to restore.

When choosing a brick, you need to pay attention to the following points:

– the construction of partitions should be carried out using a brick of semi -dry pressing;

-for the construction of a two-story building, it is necessary to use bricks such brands as M100-M125;

– The quality of the brick is not affected by the shade of clay;

– for the construction of arched openings or other figure structures, it is necessary to use a special brick.

In the event that the color of the brick is uniform, and when the two elements are in contact, a voiced sound follows, then the material has excellent quality. In all other cases, the brick is made with various violations.

The most common brick defect is the presence. They appear, as a rule, after the construction is completed. In order to avoid their appearance, you can use a thicker solution, and also apply a special protective layer to the facade.

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