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Brick home fireplaces

The fireplace in the house is that practical element of a cozy interior that is able to warm and collect all relatives around itself. He creates a warm atmosphere that has solitude and home peace. Kamins for a home of brick (see photos in our article) can perform two main functions: decorative and heating. The first option is optimal because it does not create any restrictions to its owner at all.

Firstly, it can be chosen to your liking. That is, choose the appearance of the product: portal and lining. It is made of various materials (wood, glass, metal, natural stone, decorative tiles) and always harmonizes with the style of the room. Secondly, such a fireplace can be put in any place.

According to the design of the premises or the design decision, he finds the most profitable location. This freedom of action is explained by a simple feature: decorative fireplaces do not warm, but only imitate the flame thanks to the built -in red bulb. Another thing is functional fireplaces for a brick home. They are used for basic and additional heating. However, there are also pros and cons of the type of product.

So, wood fireplaces have good heat transfer, but requires constant supervision, both during operation and during the construction process. It needs to be regularly cleaned and ash. The smell of smoke cannot be excluded, which, even with high -quality installation of the ventilation system, is often preserved.

As for gas fireplaces, they are safer and cheaper. But necessarily provide for the presence of a main gas pipeline. When purchasing the above type of fireplace, keep in mind that you will get unnatural flame and encounter a high cost of connecting gas pipes.

Having decided on the location of the future fireplace, you can give preference to the wall, angular, built -in or separately standing models. Each of them looks spectacular and beautiful. With proper preliminary calculations, it allows you to rationally use the allotted place.

If a person decided to independently engage in the construction of a fireplace, then he needs to be guided by the advice of an experienced master. You should also prepare the material and tool for laying the foundation, chimney, decorative design and decoration. It is worth taking into account a number of responsible moments and general rules. After all, the process itself is quite complicated and prolonged. That is why many people turn to experienced stoves that make such a turnkey work for a consistent fee.

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