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Building pools: important nuances

Many owners of suburban estates want to have their own pool. Modern technologies allow you to fulfill this dream in a short time. The pool can be built any shape and size, and it can be placed directly in the house or on the area adjacent to it.

In their design, pools are divided into two groups: stationary – constructed for long -term use; prefabricated – built for a short period of time, usually for one summer season. From prefabricated pools, the most popular are inflatable and assembled on PVC frames. All models of this group are not a large valuable and prostate installation.

The construction of stationary pools requires much more cost. The process of their creation includes: digging a pit, waterproofing, concreting and facing tiles of walls and bottom, but also installation of engineering systems for supply, heating and drainage of water. The construction of stationary structures necessarily begin with design work. In this case, the characteristics of the soil and the dimensions of the pool are taken into account. The thickness of its walls and bottom is calculated.

After drawing up the project, they move on to work on the preparation of the basis. At this stage, a foundation pit rummages, and at its bottom it is poured and thoroughly trim 20 cm layer of sand (sand cushion). In the pit must be installed and fixed to all the necessary elements of communications: drain, pipelines, nozzles, etc. P.

Then the base is poured with concrete and transgressed to the installation of wall formwork. It is made of wood or used metal reusable formwork. When the formwork is ready, they begin to concrete the bottom and walls of the future pool. It is very important that the bottom has a slight slope towards draining water.

After completely hardening concrete, they proceed to the decoration of the swimming pool surfaces with tiles or mosaic. At the final stage, they are grouting all seams using special epoxy grouts for this.

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