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Butaforia – types and use

The props is an integral part of any theater and cinema, because it is thanks to it that the viewer gives the impression of the reality of what is happening. The propulsion is specially made objects (dummies) that imitate really existing things, but the similarity is only external. The need for a propulsion is due to the fact that the bright and hot light of the spotlights contributes to the rapid damage to natural products, so they are replaced by fake.

Butaforia is also a replacement for luxury, weapons, dishes and other items. As materials for the manufacture of a propulsion, rubber, foam, wood and many others are used, while in the production process the purpose of this or that object is taken into account and not only external similarities are ensured, but also safety for those who will work with this subject.

For example, in the manufacture of dummies of weapons for filming historical films, rubber is often used – this avoids injury to actors during filming.

There are not so many workshops in which the entire species range of props is produced. One of these places is the Studio of Salov.

There are practically no impossible things for her masters, which is why the clients of this studio are not only Russian, but also foreign buyers. All studio products are excellent quality and ideal resemblance to the original, thus, an accurate transmission of not only the interior inherent in one or another time, but also the entire species diversity of weapons used in a particular historical battles is possible.

However, the use of props is not limited to cinema or theatrical stages, on store shelves you can also often find dummies of one or another product. This is due to the cut with several reasons: a more attractive type of dummies and its durability. Unlike real products, dummies can lie on the window for months and not lose its appetizing appearance.

Since all the props are made exclusively to order, you can get the necessary consultation from the specialists of the Studio Salov. It should be remembered that the cost of a fake item will differ depending on the complexity of the work and the number of necessary items.

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