Buying a screwdriver

Shurovyrt is a tool that is very necessary in every house. This tool will help you not only during the repair, but also come in handy in ordinary household life. For example, you will spend a lot of time, collecting a cabinet with a regular screwdriver, a screwdriver will help you do this work several times faster. There are simply a lot of construction tools in our time, and choose a good tool of a good tool. This article with tips will help you choose a screwdriver.

The torque of the screwdriver.

The main parameters that should be focused on first of all, buying a screwdriver is the speed of rotation and, of course, the torque. To use a screwdriver in everyday life, it is enough for you to buy a screwdriver, which has a torque of 10 nm. Having such a torque, the screwdriver can screw screws into wood, metal and gypsarton. I would like to say that professional screwdrivers can reach a torque up to 150 nm.

The speed of rotation of the screwdriver.

The speed of rotation, as a rule, is paid attention when the screwdriver is necessary to perform complex tasks. For example, to screw the screwdriver of a screwdriver of a screwdriver of 500 – 700 revolutions per minute, in order to drill a hole will need a speed of 1,500 revolutions per minute.

Speed ​​speed adjustment.

A very good plus is considered if the screwdriver has a rotation speed regulator. Modern models of screwdrivers have this parameter. Having a speed controller, you can definitely start drilling a hole at low speeds.

Return in the screwdriver.

Not unimportant parameter that is necessary for the screwdriver is the reverse move. Using this parameter, you can easily twist the drill or a tight screw. Nowadays, batteries of screwdrivers begin to be in greatest demand. These models of screwdrivers have both their advantages and disadvantages. The pluses are that you can get some kind of screwed to the screw without a cord, but the minus is that when the battery is discharged, these screwdrivers begin to drill holes poorly.

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