Buying an apartment – dream or reality?

The desire to have your own apartment – in our time it is the desire of almost any citizen. In recent years, housing prices in all major cities have risen several times. Many of those who were already close to the implementation of their plans were allegedly and again moved away from the cherished goal – buying their own, privatized housing.

For years, people have raised money for years and saved on almost everything, just to buy an apartment, as a result of inflation, or any other trends of the modern economy, farther away from their goal.

Many people for years, but what about for years, for decades they have been wandering from one dormitory to another, from a communal apartment to a rented apartment.

Where to look for a way out of this position? How to break this vicious circle?

In recent years, buying apartments in new buildings, on credit, has become highly popular. Such a loan is called a mortgage loan or an apartment loan. Mortgage lending is a loan allocated to the client of banking institutions for buying an apartment, house or commercial real estate. For the use of a loan, the client pays the creditor interest, and also monthly replaces borrowed funds. The housing acquired according to the mortgage scheme will be in pledge by the bank until the mortgage loan is fully repaid. Mortgage loans are usually issued for a long time – up to 40 years. Buying an apartment in new buildings or in houses under construction using mortgage lending for real estate facilitates the life of a huge number of people. Every year more and more families become happy owners of apartments purchased in new buildings as part of mortgage lending programs. Given the current real estate prices, a mortgage loan for an apartment is the most suitable option for buying housing, especially for young families. Banking institutions without any problems issue mortgage loans to those wishing to purchase residential real estate in new buildings. The widespread use of mortgage loans helps a huge number of the population of the Russian Federation to fulfill their cherished dream, namely to acquire your own apartment. Numerous construction companies are also interested in selling apartments on credit, because in this case, the bank acts as a guarantor of paying the value of the purchased housing.

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