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Characterization of decorative multicolor mosaic paint

Among the materials for decoration, the decorative multicolor “mosaic” paint was becoming increasingly popular. It is technological, easy to use and makes it possible to get a wide variety of colors. The mosaic coating is “paint in the paint”, that is, inside the paint of the same color there are capsules of paint of a different color, while they do not mix and can turn on not only two, but also more components.

A special spray gun is used to apply a mosaic coating, and it is better that a specialist is engaged in this. The paint with capsules is sprayed under high pressure and creates an interesting pattern. Interspersed in mosaic paint can be small or large.

Decorative mosaic paint is often used as a replacement of wallpaper. It is applied to walls, metal, drywall, concrete and other types of surface after preliminary preparation (it includes putty, primer and substrate). The mosaic coating has many advantages – it is resistant to abrasion, easily washes, pushes dirt, resistant to fire, and resembles rubber to the touch.

The composition of this paint includes synthetic polymers, pigments and additives (both organic and inorganic). One layer of paint dries in four hours, and complete drying is observed after seven days. This paint is sold in metal buckets of five liters, its consumption is 0, 2-0, 3 liters per square meter.

Mosaic paint is used in residential and public premises. With its help, you are guaranteed to receive good quality renovation. When applying this paint, different coatings are obtained even from one article.

The surface that you will color should be even, durable, clean and dry. After putty and primer, a substrate (tinted water -based paint) is applied to it, after which a mosaic coating is applied with a spray gun. If you change the pressure in the compressor and distance to the wall when applying, then even in one color there will be different chromatic effects.

Before applying, the paint must be thoroughly stirred. When working with this material, you can’t smoke, eat and drink nearby. The room should be well ventilated, and the worker should wear a respirator.

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