Choose a refrigerator

Not many of us boast of large sizes of our kitchen. But in this room there is a very large functional load, and therefore everyone tries to use the kitchen area rationally. Often, the kitchen area does not give us the opportunity to install household appliances that is perfect for us in appearance or in technical characteristics.

Today, the market for household appliances offers a huge number of different types of two-and three-chamber refrigerators that contain many products, but, unfortunately, due to large overall dimensions, they do not fit in our small kitchens, where sometimes several people cannot be crushed.

Some found a way out of the situation and placed their refrigerator in the corridor or on equipped loggia. But again, all this can be justified only if the layout allows, and the suitable size of the loggia and the loggia should be insulated, otherwise the technique will fail. But again, not everyone has such an opportunity, and you have to look for other options for solving this issue.

One of the options, for example, may be the acquisition of a built -in refrigerator. It can be built -in both partially and completely. And an important detail is the invisibility in the kitchen of the built -in refrigerator, as it is decorated under the style of furniture, and you can’t distinguish it outwardly from the usual cabinet. If the model of the refrigerator with electronic control, t. e. The external panel is open, to inform about its operating mode, and you can change its mode, then it is better to integrate such a refrigerator.

Such a technique has recently gained more and more popularity, as it fits well into the interior, very functional and affordable. First decide for yourself what you need to purchase: freezer or refrigerator or maybe it will be a set. Calculate the size you need, the volume of the refrigerator, select the energy consumption class, freezing power, appearance, decide on the price. Also decide to completely or partially be built the refrigerator.

Remember that for the normal operation of built -in equipment, high -quality ventilation is required, which you must provide. To do this, a special grille is built into the base of furniture, which you select in the color of the furniture. The refrigerator is installed not close to the wall, but with a small gap so that the air can circulate freely, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the compressor.

Manufacturers of built -in refrigerators offer the following sizes: from 60 centimeters and quite overall to 210 centimeters, with an internal volume of 110 liters to 280 liters in combined refrigerators. There are the following types of built -in refrigerators: thermoelectric, absorption, compression.

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