Choose a reliable outlet

In principle, it is not so difficult to purchase a socket, but before you go to the store, you should still decide which types of sockets are suitable for you. The fact is that sockets differ not only in price, but also for its intended purpose, type of installation, structure, degree of protection, etc. D.

First you should decide whether you need sockets with ground or not. Everything is very simple here – if a three -wire wire is approaching the outlet, then one of the veins is grounding. Otherwise, purchase an ordinary double -pin socket, which has many advantages.

As a rule, sockets with grounding contact are installed when connecting washing and dishwashers, kitchen appliances, power tools. The presence of grounding, of course, is desirable, but not in all houses there is present.

Also, the types of sockets differ in voltamper characteristics. When buying, you need to find out which current is a rosette designed. The permissible load on the current and voltage is indicated on the back of the outlet.

Pay attention to the clamping contacts of the outlet. Preference should be given to screw clamps, since over time the wire metal is flattened and the contact weakens. In this case, it will be necessary to just tighten the screw. In the case of using sockets without a screw clamp, it will be necessary to shorten the wire and re -clean it.

There are sockets with protective curtains, they are especially relevant if the house has a small child. The curtains open only with the simultaneous introduction of two plug pins.

By the method of installation, sockets differ in overhead and built -in. Built -in sockets are installed with wiring hidden in the walls. Open wiring involves the installation of overhead outlets.

Installation of sockets with a pusher is especially convenient in the kitchen, when you often have to turn on and turn off various devices from the network. The span button helps to extract the fork without much effort.

Moisture -proof sockets are installed in rooms with high humidity, since the water and electricity of things are incompatible. But for greater safety, it is recommended to install an RCD (protective shutdown device).

And in the end I want to remind you of safety measures when working with electricity. Before replacing or installing a socket – be sure to turn off the electricity.

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