Choose blinds

The modern blinds market has a wide range of goods presented. Therefore, it is not always easy for the buyer to make a choice of one or another option. After all, the blinds differ in the form, color, used material. There is also a structural difference, dividing the blinds into two fundamentally different species – horizontal blinds and vertical blinds. When choosing this or that type of blinds, remember that each in their own way decorate the room, focusing on the strong or weak sides of the interior.

Initially, it happened that horizontal blinds were mainly used in offices, since they have high reliability and good operational qualities, as well as they are very functional, and harmoniously combine with the office interior. But a little later they began to be installed on kitchen windows in apartments or private houses, combining them with curtains or tulle, to create a cozy home atmosphere. Horizontal blinds have also proven themselves well in private houses and apartments.

Various materials are used for the manufacture of blinds: plastic, wood, aluminum. Now transparent plastic blinds have appeared by the advantage that is, what they pass into the premises of the right amount of sunlight, while the excess light simply disperses. Horizontal blinds are easily cleaned of dust and any contaminants using a brush or a wet tissue cloth, with stronger contaminants, various detergents and aerosols are used.

The second type of blinds is vertical, usually used in home residential premises, they can often be seen in restaurants or cafes. Vertical blinds tend to ennoble the interior with their appearance. Vertical blinds are made of fabric impregnated with a special solution, which repels dust. Due to this, vertical tissue blinds are less polluted and more easy to care.

Recently, vertical blinds gradually displace horizontal, since the consumer is not limited when choosing a color and can choose the fabric in different colors and any pattern. At your request, you can also install curly vertical blinds made of plastic that imitate the Venetian curtains. The vertical type of blinds has such a feature – you need to change the position of the lamellas during the day in order to avoid sunlight entering the room.

Services for installing blinds offers a huge number of companies, but if you wish, you yourself can install blinds on your windows. When installing blinds, it is very important to take into account some features independently: choosing fasteners, consider what material your walls are built of. At your request, you can fix the blinds, both on the wall and on the ceiling.

When installing blinds, pay attention to in which direction you have windows and furniture doors, where there are pipes of the heating system and t. D. When installing blinds, try to take into account all the nuances so that later you use them with pleasure.

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