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Choosing a shower cabin for a home

Surely many agree that starting a day with a contrasting invigorating shower is very pleasant. And what if, upon returning home, you will have the opportunity not only to refresh, but also to carry out the lymphatic drainage procedure? All this is possible thanks to the shower cabin.

For many owners of a small bathroom, a shower cabin may be the only right solution. And for everyone else, this is another unique opportunity to competently combine comfort and practicality, as well as free additional space in the bathroom to install plumbing or furniture.

During the purchase process, you can opt for an open or closed model. Glass cabins will give your bathroom a special style and aesthetics. A closed shower cabin got its name due to the fact that in addition to the four walls above the cabin, a roof is installed, which does not allow the couple to penetrate into the air and form condensate.

The doors of such a cabin can be made of glass, both transparent and matte, and even corrugated. The closed cabin is largely more comfortable than open, but it costs more. An open shower cabin defines the zone only around the perimeter, leaving a place for the roof empty. From the outer space, such a cabin is fenced with a door or partition.

Regardless of what type of shower cabs you prefer, it is always necessary to remember that the pallet of the shower cabin should be at least 80 kV. cm. Otherwise, the adoption of the shower may be uncomfortable.

When choosing a cab, it is worth paying great attention to the pallet. Check out such characteristics as the strength of the pallet, its resistance to mechanical damage, warming speed and heat capacity, as well as the presence of a corrugated surface.

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