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Choosing finishing material: several practical tips

So, you decided that you will finish the room. Let’s see what is better to choose. And how, in fact, make this choice. If you are a legal entity, you have the responsibility of the repair, decoration of the premises, for example, the office. You should not get involved in repairs yourself, for that, special firms that will do everything for you. How to choose them? Just. See who finishes the premises like your.

Call your competitors, in the end, use the newspapers of free ads. Remember that the contractor must also be a legal entity so that you can conclude a contract for the provision of services. And the company should be experienced so that it does not turn out that some points are “rolled up” on you. You do not want to be a “experimental rabbit”, is it true? Before concluding the contract, be sure to find out the full cost of work.

Let this figure be in the contract for the provision of services. Well, if you are an ordinary individual and you need to repair not an office, not a store, but your own apartment? Then you can also use the services of the company. But you can do finishing work yourself. Go to a construction store, walk around different departments. Decide what finishing materials you need, and in what quantity. If you find it difficult to make, contact the sales consultant.

Most likely, you will have to purchase paint, wallpaper, glue, possibly linoleum or parquet. Remember that any paint is toxic. Acquire only the paint that is certified by European standards and GOST. The paint should be hermetically closed, otherwise it is better not to buy it. Typically, along with the paint they buy a solvent.

Wallpaper is sold with roller meters. Different rolls in different rolls. Wallpaper are different in weight and structure. Choose not universal glue, but the one that is made specifically for your type of wallpaper. When choosing linoleum, first of all, pay attention to its flexibility, composition. It should easily fall and lie evenly on the surface.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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