Choosing material for the construction of a bathhouse

Bath construction is both pleasant and responsible. The thoughts of the upcoming opportunity to arrange a real holiday for the soul and body, having caught in a well-perfect and comfortable bath in every sense, are pleasure, but responsibility gives rise to the need to achieve this very comfort that it is not so easy to do and simply.

In addition to the features of the bath structure, the choice of construction material is of paramount importance for achieving subsequent comfort, and here several options are possible.

Traditionally, baths in Rus’ were built of wood, and not only because of the availability of this building material. The fact is that, subject to construction technology, a wooden bath will hold heat excellent, and also effectively get rid of high humidity, which allows it to stand for decades.

In addition, a specific aroma that is established if you use the breeds of wood, such as spruce, linden, larch, tar pine and oak, not only highly pleasant for smoking, but also very useful for human physical and mental health in the construction of a bathhouse. whole.

There are also options for building a bath of brick, reinforced concrete blocks, cellular concrete and other modern materials, more precisely, with their use, because it is impossible to build a quality bath, for example, from bricks. What do we mean?

You still have to use the decoration of their wood materials, because to wash and steam in a bathhouse made exclusively from brick or concrete – believe me, for word, pleasure below the average. The advantage of modern materials and bricks is that they are durable, not subject to decay, eat them with insects and rodents, they allow you to implement the most diverse architectural projects of baths.

So what option to choose? In our modest opinion, there is nothing better than a qualitatively executed classics, t. e. Bani-Rub. But if you want to build a bath for centuries, then think about the option of using cellular concrete (foam concrete), with the subsequent decoration of the interior with a spruce, linden, pine and larch.

Building a brick bath is an amateur, or rather, such an option can choose a person who is sure that he can properly insulate the bathhouse, ensure the correct vapor barrier of brick and ventilation of the interior. After all, moisture entering the structure of brick in winter can lead to cracking.

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