Choosing the perfect interior carpet

For many, the choice and purchase of a carpet is not a difficult task and often occurs quite quickly. But in order for the carpet you really delight you and approach the general interior, there are certain points when choosing it.

The first rule that needs to be done is to evaluate the room in which the carpet will lie. Here you need to pay attention to everything: the color of furniture and walls, gender and place where the carpet will lie and general principles of the interior. By answering these questions, you will undoubtedly make the right choice.

For a small room you need a carpet that will take up the whole place in the room, t. e. large. Speaking about the color of the carpet for such a room, it is better to stop neutral and pastel colors. Such carpets will visually increase the room.

Preference should be given to carpets with a large pattern and homogeneous texture. For modern furniture, plain strict colors are suitable. For a large room, a good choice will be a relief carpet of dark color.

It should be noted that carpets are based on two types of material: synthetic and natural. Synthetics include polyester, nylon, polypropylene. To natural – wool. Woolen carpets are very durable and durable, and their appearance is simply magnificent. But when choosing such a carpet, it is worth considering that caring for it will require a lot of funds and careful care. The best location of such a carpet will be the best location.

Speaking about artificial fibers, it should be noted that the most popular and durable material in our time is nylon. For the corridor and the hallway of the best carpet cannot be found. Wonderful bookplayed carpets are obtained from polyester and polypropylene.

An important role in choosing a carpet is played by its texture. To create heat and comfort, a plush and soft carpet is suitable. This will be best to place in the room where you are resting. For a classic interior, carpets are suitable for a short and hard pile.

Not so long ago, designers abandoned the classic and “Persian” carpets. But now they are again in fashion and are able to decorate the most fashionable interior!

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