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A wardrobe is a huge universal cabinet that can become the main repository of your things, is ideal for a small apartment and for a large family.

Cabinets of coupe are widely used in a modern interior, they are the main fashion trend among designers. Outside, the wardrobes have a laconic design, easily fit into almost any interior, and inside puts clothes that are necessary in the household and everything that seems to be not necessary, but it’s a pity to throw it away. Also, the wardrobes of the compartment will help to hide the pipes and wiring on the wall.

The wardrobes of the coupe are very similar to each other, but this is only at first glance, so you should carefully choose and think over the purchase, so as not to be disappointed. There are two types of cabinets – separate and built -in, their appearance is very different from each other.

A separate cabinet is not much different from a regular cabinet, except that with its dimensions and spreading panels instead of the door wearing to us.

A built -in cabinet differs from a regular cabinet in that instead of one or more of its walls, a wall in the room is used, or it is built into a niche in the wall. One of the simplest options for a wardrobe is to fasten the doors on the walls of the niche. There are several types of cabinet doors: sliding doors, as in the train car, spreading the accordion, lined into the side walls of the cabinet.

It is best to take the wardrobes to order – they will make you a closet exactly according to your desired size, make the departments and sections there, which you wish, put an ironing board there, it will be possible to install household appliances in the cabinet. But about the latter, I hasten to make a reservation, since the last question is tedious separately so that the shelves in your closet do not overheat and do not collapse under heavy household appliances.

Cabinets of coupe are the most suitable furniture for bedrooms, children’s rooms and as corridor furniture. But never try to put a wardrobe in the living room, with antiques, velvet and leather trim. It will look bulky, inappropriate and spoil the hospitable environment.

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