Complex insulation of the building

Insulation is one of the main parts of any construction. This is due to future operational characteristics, which should ensure the savings of heat. In order to give the building such properties, when designing the building, they calculate the thickness of the masonry of the brick, its thermal insulation indicators, this also applies to other materials such as foam blocks or panels. Small construction work should always be always held with measures for additional isolation. Previously, only styling was used to insulate the building from heat leakage, but at present, any more or less technologically competent building is additionally equipped with a layer of insulation.

It can be partial or complete insulation, external and internal. So, for example, partial insulation implies work on isolation of a separate segment of the building, for example, balconies or access flights. Even taking into account the fact that this is partial insulation, the building significantly increases its indicators and saves up to 25% of thermal energy. Such work is rarely carried out and individually, they are usually done if the building does not reach the necessary characteristics.

Internal insulation is work that occur already during the interior decoration of the building, in which case the sheets are laid under the sheets of GVL.

The above methods of insulation increase the ergonomic and efficiency of the construction in general, which is always relevant.

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