Composite beam

According to the estimates, it turns out that the construction of a house from an unusual, but effective composite timber is approximately two times cheaper, compared with the construction of the same house, but from other, more familiar materials.

Composite beam, this is a new material that appeared on free sale relatively recently. In fact, this is not quite a natural tree. However, the composite beam has all the pros and cons of natural material. The basis of the composite beam is natural materials, namely small particles of wood, supplements, bischofit and dyes. The technology for manufacturing a composite beam is very simple. The prepared raw materials are simply passed through a powerful press, as a result of which a very strong layer of pressed material is obtained. Then the layer is cut into the beam. As a filler for a composite beam, of course, use wood. Bishophyte is used as a binder. Various additives make this material more durable and strong, they make it refractory and waterproof. The composite beam is perfectly processed and it is very easy to work with it. In particular, the composite beam is easily connected with any fasteners, it lends itself to drilling, it is easy to saw. By the way, a house that is built of a composite beam has the healing properties. The fact is that the bishophyte, which is used as a binder for the manufacture of a composite beam, has amazing healing and restoration properties, which many people have heard about. This unique material is even sold in many pharmacies. Bishophyte is used in medicine to treat the respiratory tract, as well as the restoration and treatment of joints. Accordingly, the house from this beam can be rightly considered a healing. Another advantage of building from such a beam is that this happens in the shortest possible time. In general, professionals in this case are not even about building a house or building, but about their assembly. This is provided by the design of the beam, which has spikes and grooves for connecting. That is, the assembly of a house from such a beam is to combine individual parts using spikes and grooves, which are additionally fastened with the same bischophyte. The structure from the composite beam is very light. This allows you to save on the foundation additionally. That is, since the house is quite easy, there is no need to create a very powerful foundation, buried to a greater depth. If we also add to this the fact that the house, which was built from the composite timber, is actually very warm and environmentally friendly, it becomes clear that in many cases it will be the perfect choice for the construction of your own home.

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