Investments in the state

Construction impregnations

The painted log house not only looks beautiful, but also becomes almost invulnerable to moisture, mold and other troubles.

You can also do this simple work yourself, without resorting to the help of the “shabashnikov”, which, incidentally, are violating a non-blessed price for a simple, in general, procedure. Nothing is needed here except patience. Before painting, it is better to treat fireproof impregnation.

For this purpose, Seneeh Fires or Pirilaks is quite suitable for this purpose. These compositions not only guarantee the fire properties of the upper layer of wood, but are also a good preservative. However, you can choose the right impregnation without unnecessary tips.

By the way, if you were delayed with processing, and the tree managed to get blackened, do not be discouraged. Modern technologies have learned to solve the most difficult problems. For example, the impregnations of the Svyatozar will return the virgin species to your log house even after a long stay in an unprotected state. For example, the solution “Doctor No. 4” is able to remove the most terrible blackness. True, you should not bring your structure to such a state, since such impregnations are quite expensive, and the processing procedure is not the most pleasant – the smell is so sharp that you will have to work in a respirator.

Therefore, it is better to spend money not on the “Svyatozar”, but on some “Eurox” or any other “… text”, which will provide not only long-term protection, but will also give any color to your bathhouse from the Kaluga and the Mahagon to the walnut and the gun. If desired and the availability of additional funds, you can pass on top with varnish, however, the latter is not at all necessary.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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