Construction of fiberglass pools

In the mid-1950s, after a series of experiments of the Canadian scientists group, material with phenomenal qualities was born-fiberglass. He quickly gained solid popularity because he had remarkable properties. A number of characteristics led to its greater demand in several areas of production at once. Cars, planes, yachts and hundreds of other products began to be generated from fiberglass. For example, composites received solid use in such an area as the construction of pools. The pioneers in their construction of fiberglass became Americans from g. Seattle, where in the middle of the twentieth century the world’s first bowl was mounted. Incredibly, still the pool is used by relatives of the hosts as well as half a century ago. This picture perfectly shows the wear resistance of the composite.

Now he is an unconditional leader among the materials from which the bowls and equipment for pools are made. Moreover, the level of construction of artificial reservoirs from polymers in North America and Europe is approaching 80%. The homeowners are inspired not only by an insignificant cost, but also by a large list of excellent qualities of these artificial reservoirs. The composite is much more reliable than granite, completely resistant to the destructive effect of ultraviolet radiation and chemical compounds, for example, alkalis. Its plane is so smooth that unicellular move from there, not having the opportunity to organize a colony.

The fiberglass bowl can almost not be broken, torn, pierced or damaged by another mechanical method. The coating should not be applied to the pool, the object is not damaged due to thermal drops. The object does not require regular disinfection, tinting and cementing, as is the case with stone pools. Additional quality fiberglass is a fairly insignificant thermal conductivity. Due to this, heating fluids in a fiberglass bowl is immeasurably cheaper than in a traditional structure, where solid heat costs in the air take place.

The attractiveness of the composite is undeniable. The customer of an artificial reservoir is given the opportunity to choose his color from a variety of options. In practice, preference is given to a dark blue shade that harmonizes with the water depth. Based on all of the above, a fiberglass pool is a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality. European and main Russian enterprises are responsible for the functioning of their artificial reservoirs for 50 years. As practice demonstrates, for such a time they support not only an attractive appearance, but also physico-chemical properties. At the same time, turnkey pools are installed as soon as possible, often not exceeding 10 days, including the installation of equipment. The chemical industry produces thousands of modifications and dimensions of fiberglass artificial reservoirs of various volumes.

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