Construction of frame houses

The construction of frames based on frames, which is successfully held in many European countries, is also used in our country. Frame construction is a modern technology that makes it possible to make construction cheaper and at the same time it retains the quality of capital construction. The fastest in modern construction, the so-called frame-frame method can allow any building in a few weeks. This technique does not use, as a rule, loading equipment, more correctly, it would probably be called this method not to build, but assembly of houses, since it has nothing to do with traditional construction. Various communications are hidden in the walls of frame houses, special niches can be made in them, in which a modern vacuum cleaner will be located. Only switches and sockets are visible on the surface of the walls, and, of course, the necessary plumbing equipment.

To assemble such a structure, if an object is built on dry ground, where there are no groundwater, it is enough to equip a light strip foundation. Dogging places will require devices of a drainage and the construction of a columnar foundation, while this will cost significantly cheaper to install a monolithic foundation.

Special longitudinal bars are laid on such a foundation, which serve as the main support for the future building. Then, special vertical racks are attached to these bars, and they are bombarded with braces. Here, builders pay special attention to angular racks, since it is on them that the appearance of the structure under construction will depend.

To arrange external sheathing, builders, as a rule, use downstone or trimming boards that reliably hide the gaps. The space between internal and external casing is filled with insulation, the number of which is calculated by weather conditions in a given area and according to the conditions of the climatic zone.

The houses that are being built according to this technique grow quickly, since ready -made shield sets are used in their construction. But in this construction option, the project cannot be changed and the owner will be content with the already chosen house, but this will make it possible to get rid of the problems associated with the purchase and delivery of building materials to the construction site.

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