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Constructive features of the fachwrops

In the structure, the supporting frame forms diagonal and horizontal beams that are responsible for the strength of the structure. The space between the details of the frame is filled with clay in combination with building garbage, branches, straw. To hold the clay mixture, use small branches. And the cracks that occurred during the drying process were filled with animal hair. The resulting panels were finished with plaster, and the design remained not cramped. Various methods were used to connect the frames, so that at home they exposed for more than three hundred years. Also do not forget to buy a great black slate here here

Modern fachwers do not have such a stiff design, rather light. Which allows you to use a fine foundation during construction. The house has a huge space that does not need additional installations of partitions. Modern glass structures are used, which create excellent illumination and a sense of huge space. The same type of heating is used for fajver houses as for stone structures. The difference is only in the energy conservation, which is achieved by using modern materials in the construction. Various types of heaters and gas heating can be used.

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