Cozy house

Each person wants his house to be cozy, beautiful and furnished in maximum accordance with his tastes and wishes. But what to do if there are no means or opportunities to make repairs in your work – for example, if you live in a rented apartment? Very simple: to do with “improvised” means that are inexpensive, but completely change the appearance of the dwelling.

Change of wallpaper will help transform the walls. If this is not possible, then it is enough to decorate the room with photographs, paintings, posters or murals – they will hide wall defects and give the room a unique, individual style. The completely unsightly parts of the wall can be covered behind a drapery made of fabric, which is attached to the ceiling with pins or furniture cloves.

Vinyl stickers will be a good option for wall decorations. They are inexpensive, differ in a variety of options, and if necessary, they can be easily removed or re -re -packed to another place – they do not leave traces and are intended for reusable use.

The main thing in any interior is a correctly organized storage system of things that allows you to remove all the excess from the eyes, thereby creating a feeling of order. If you need to remove quite large things somewhere-you can purchase a decorative chest. It is light enough and roomy, adorns any interior and, if necessary, can serve as an additional place for sitting. It is convenient to store the little things in wicker baskets with lids.

Take care of the proper lighting of the room. Point backlight, created using several beautiful lamps, will help to hide the “unsuccessful” parts of the room and emphasize its advantages.

The easiest way to transform the room is to replace textile decor elements. Bright beautiful bedspreads and pillows, rugs, curtains – all this creates coziness and unique image of the room. The main thing is to choose all the elements so that they harmonize with each other and with the general situation.

Of course, no interior will decorate the old, shabby, scratched furniture. I will have to work on it – and, perhaps, it will be the most time -consuming and costly part of the work, although it will not require expensive acquisitions. Unless you need some tools and materials-a screwdriver, a grinding machine or a multi-shaped multitool, a stain or wood paint … All this can be purchased in online stores at acceptable prices; In addition, there are a lot of articles on the network on how to choose a particular model.

If the furniture has shook legs and other elements – take a screwdriver and tighten the connecting screws. Pour the crackling surfaces, if necessary, cover them with a stain, paint or varnish, tighten the seat with a new fabric – and the furniture will look much better than before.

Transforming a room, making it stylish and comfortable very easy. To do this, it is not at all necessary to resort to long and expensive repairs – it is enough to show taste and imagination in the little things.

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