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Crushed stone for road construction

It seems natural that when laying roads, it is necessary to use only the most wear -resistant materials. And even if any changes begin to occur in the structure of such material over time, they should not in any way affect the general quality of a freshly laid road. That is why it is very important to consider which material will be used for road construction.

The main building material, which is widely used throughout road construction, is crushed stone, since it has all the necessary properties for repair and construction work. In fact, crushed stone is so universal as building material that about 3 billion cubic meters of gravel are produced all over the world. Moreover, most of the crushed stone produced is spent precisely for the construction and repair of road surfaces.

However, there are a considerable number of various types and fractions of crushed stone, each of which has its own area of ​​application, where it will be most effective as a building material. All crushed stone, which, one way or another, is used for the needs of road construction or repair, can be conditionally divided into two main categories.

The first category is crushed stone made of loose rocks or rocky rocks. This is the so -called lime gravel, which has fractions from 0, 7 to 70 mm. It is such gravel that is the perfect choice for laying roads, or rather, for creating the foundation of the road surface.

The second category is crushed stone from metamorphic and magmatic rocks. This type of crushed stone also includes granite crushed stone, as well as gabbo-diabazes. For road construction, crushed stone with a faction of 5 to 22 mm is most preferable. Most often, this type of crushed stone is used to create the lower layer of the road surface.

In road construction, granite crushed stone is most popular, but lime is also used – for example, when creating a pillow for the base of the road. It is inferior to granite in its general strength, but for most construction work, it is no less, great.

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Investments in the state

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