Crushed stone: types and characteristics

Construction is always a costly and long -term event that requires not only the availability of finances, but also knowledge in the relevant area. One of the most popular building materials is the crushed stone of Solnechnogorsk, Nizhny Tagil, Sibay, Krasnoyarsk and many other cities of our country boast of its prey and production.

Crushed stone – type of building material obtained by grinding and further cleansing of various rocks. Today, crushed stone is produced by several types:





Each of the types is made from a certain material and has its own characteristics and purpose of use.

Granite crushed stone

This type of crushed stone refers to materials obtained by extract from a solid rock. The basis of such crushed stone is a monolithic underground rock, which is a petrified mass of magma. On the market, the material is presented in several dimensional variations: 0-0, 5 cm, 0. 5-1 cm, 0. 5-2 cm, 2-4 cm, 4-7 cm, 7-12 cm. The most popular is granite crushed stone 0, 5-2 cm. It is it that is used in the manufacture of asphalt.

In general, gravel of granite is used in the manufacture of reinforced concrete structures, when laying tracks and autobahns, railway tracks, etc.

Limestone crushed stone

This crushed stone is a product processing product. 97% of this material is calcium carbonate. This is what determines its low cost. In the domestic market, limestone crushed stone is represented in three dimensional variations: 2-4 cm, 0, 5-2 cm, 4-7 cm.

He found the greatest widespread in the glass region. In addition, it is used when laying tracks with a slight transport density, as well as in the manufacture of cement.

Gravel crushed stone

Is the result of careful cleansing of the career breed or grinding a stone cliff. The strength of the strength when compressing such crushed stone is slightly lower than that of the granite. However, it has a much smaller background of radiation and is somewhat cheaper.

Gravel Solnechnogorsk, Nizhny Tagil, Yekaterinburg, Stary Oskol and many other cities of Russia are extracted. Use gravel crushed stone in the manufacture of reinforced concrete products. In addition, it is popular as a coating for paths, pedestrian zones, etc.

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