Decorating walls with fabric

The trend of the last decade is the revival of long -forgotten ways of interior decoration of the premises. One of the most fashionable ways came in our time straight from the Middle Ages – it was then that the decoration of the walls with fabric came into fashion.

Then two tightening methods were formed – the imposition of fabric directly on the walls and the use of special frames. The fabric canvas in a wooden frame also looks very beautiful, which can be used to decorate almost any rooms in an apartment or house.

Frames, with a fabric stretched on them, are fastened to the walls, as a rule, using wire hair, while the width of the frames should be very clearly selected under the width of the fabric canvas. The main requirement for tightening is the lack of sagging into the fabric. If it is necessary to tighten large frames, the canvas should have high strength. The fabric to the frame is attached by small furniture cloves or brackets using a stapler. Pay attention to the fact that they need to be beaten to the back of the frame – and in order to be more convenient to pull on the frame, the fabric should be much larger than the frame itself. So you can stretch the fabric on the back of the frame – to fix it.

It is worth saying about the stages of decoration with the help of fabric. First of all, it is necessary to fix the already crushed fabric on one of the angles of the frame. After that, carefully pull the fabric and spread it with your hand. After you are convinced that all the “wrinkles” and unevenness were removed from the fabric – fix it with brackets. Remember that at first the fabric is pulled on one of the long sides of the frame, and then on a shorter. If the frame is square, then the priority does not matter. Make sure that the fabric is pulled out especially carefully in the corners, leave about 5 -10 cm “extra” material – this will greatly facilitate the work.

If the fabric has a pattern, make sure that there are no pattern distortions during the stretch process. The correctness of the tissue stretch without a pattern can be judged by the straightness of the threads in the canvas, the threads should be parallel (perpendicular) to the edge of the frame. Another advice: stretching expensive fabrics is best performed in gloves, then there is less chance of staining the fabric, and pulling more conveniently (hands are less tired).

If you use large frames that occupy the entire wall – from the ceiling to the floor, then the scar should look up. This is especially true when using thick and heavy fabrics. Actually, tightening the frame is the most time -consuming and prolonged process in the decoration, it is much easier to fix the frame on the wall. The frame is usually attached to the wall (crate), but there are more modern options. Special plastic and metal fasteners screwed into the wall allows you to fix the frame without exposing expensive fabric to excessive effects.

It is not recommended to use cheap fabric in the decoration, if you have chosen such a method as decorating walls with fabric, it is better to purchase good material, especially since your walls will look just chic – like walls in rich houses Middle Ages

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