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Decorative bulk floors

Decorative bulk floors are another of the options for flooring, which has proven itself perfectly. The advantages of such sexes include their wear resistance, seamless coating, resistance to domestic chemicals, ease of care for them.

Polyurethane floors in apartments are mainly used in problem areas, such as an entrance hall, a kitchen and a bathroom. Decorative bulk floors look great, have a long service life, tolerate the effects of a humid environment well.

Decorative bulk floors are applied to a flat, well -prepared base. With poor quality of the base, a screed is made. You can also apply a bulk concrete floor. After that, the base is processed with a shotgun or grinding machine. After that, high -perch soil is applied to the processed base to improve adhesion to the next layer.

After that, the base layer is applied – it is a continuous coating that excludes defects and foreign intersperses. The thickness of this layer is set using a spatula and leveled with a needle roller for air bubbles from the mixture.

Then apply a decorative layer consisting of interspersed of polymer material (these pieces are also called chips). These chips can be of various shapes and have different properties (for example, holographic chips will create a transfused floor).

The final stage is the varnishing of the floor. Polyurethane varnish is not only a decorative, but also a protective coating of a decorative bulk floor.

Reducing the consumption of the mixture on the bulk floor

The advantages of bulk flooring in comparison with the rest are obvious. This is the simplicity of their manufacture, and the high quality of the resulting coating. But before making a decision on their application, it is necessary to understand what amount of material is necessary to perform work.

The fact is that some unclean manufacturers make changes to the composition of the bulk floors, introducing into their composition the not entirely necessary components. Due to this, the price of the bulk floor may be lower, but the material consumption can increase by about 15–20%, that is, the consumer as a result will overpay.

Field laying is carried out in two stages. On the first, the substrate is poured with the finished composition, based on the calculation of 250 grams per square meter of floor. This layer performs the function of the primer, that is, its main task is to increase adhesion between the bulk floor and the existing substrate. It should be noted that there are methods of reducing the consumption of the mixture, for example, you can use a special layer. It consists of a mixture for the manufacture of floor and quartz sand. Such a combination of materials reduces the cost of the flooring, moreover, this mixture hides coating defects and leads to final leveling.

Thus, a test calculation can be carried out. The required amount of bulk coating directly depends on the thickness of the coating. A 1 meter of floor requires 1 liter of composition from polyurethane, with a density of 1, 3 kg per liter, a total of 1, 3 kg of the finished mixture will be required. When adding quartz sand, it will reduce the volume of the mixture by one and a half to two times, accordingly, the cost of the floor is reduced and the cost of.

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