Decorative plaster: pluses

Wall decoration – an important stage of any cosmetic and overhaul. Today everyone can choose the type of finish that will satisfy all repair requirements – both aesthetic and financial. The most popular finishing material is paint and wallpaper, it is they who are most often used in the process of refinement of walls and ceiling. And yet, there are alternative methods of decoration that acquire more and more demand. One of them is decorative plaster. Here are just some of its advantages.

Plaster can even align walls with pronounced irregularities. This saves not only time, but also money. Due to density and relief, such material is distributed smoothly and compensates for the errors of the wall. It is for this reason that decorative plaster is used in large rooms with an uneven wall surface.

A variety of colors and textures of plaster allows you to choose the right option for any interior. For example, silk plaster will give the hall and living room a special charm thanks to the pearl particles that are part of it. Often such a decoration is confused with wallpaper with the effect of silkography. Using a special roller for decorative plaster, you can regulate not only the saturation of the shade, but also the direction of the picture, the number of recesses and convex elements on the wall surface.

Durability is one of the main advantages of decorative plaster. It is reliably consolidated with the surface of the wall, forming a single layer with it. You can remove it only using a special hair dryer. Of course, such an option does not have to like lovers often to make repairs, but it will appreciate it by lovers of constancy in the interior.

The availability of this material at a price cannot but rejoice the owners of medium and low income. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to pay for expensive construction and finishing materials.

It is very easy to apply plaster. Even a person who does not have much experience in repair and construction work can do it independently. It is enough to have attentiveness, a sense of proportion and a slight dexterity.

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