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Design of removable working strokes

The design of the removable working stories of the steam finish line, including a set of spare cages for various rental profiles, including broad -shouldered beams, which received the construction in full collection with working rolls and guide reinforcement, the installation and reconciliation of the bed of simple construction, common to all interchangeable working strokes Like their rearrangement in operation, they ensured the performance of work in an unusually short time.

All foundations and basements were carefully accepted for the installation of equipment of the rail -filling camp, which prevented alterations.

By the beginning of the installation of technological equipment, foundations were built for equipment from the workpiece warehouse to refrigerators behind the final cages, the construction structures of the main production building, bridge cranes were mounted and their power supply was performed. Trained drivers, slingers and other maintenance personnel cranes have been prepared. Experienced builders and designers are familiar with all the intricacies and features of work. Today you can get acquainted with design examples online, perhaps you will visit the idea of ​​your own project project.

The cargo flow of equipment, brought to 5,000 tons per month, provided an accelerated reversal of installation and its execution in a short time eight specialized large areas by type of work and the complexity of equipment. For the revision and enlarging assembly of the equipment, the areas were prepared in the workpiece warehouse 3.5 thousand. m2, Walcetocard rooms 1 thousand m2 and variety trim 5 thousand. m

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